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Delivered by YEP Cairns, Launch FNQ is an opportunity to supercharge your business idea and see it thrive

Empowering a tech-centric tropical Queensland

Thanks to high-speed broadband, geography is no longer a barrier to success in starting a tech business.

So why not start an innovative enterprise in one of Australia’s most beautiful, economically-stable, and business-friendly locations like Far North Queensland?

Launch FNQ and YEP Cairns have been supporting the growth of micro and small businesses in the region for over 4 years. If you’re thinking of creating a startup, our team will help you get it going.

What fast-growing tech business would you like to scale from tropical paradise?

It’s all possible with Launch FNQ

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Launch FNQ


The weekly program for everyone interested in Tropical Queensland Tech. Inspiration, connection and collaboration is where amazing ideas get a chance to thrive.

Launch FNQ


7 Weeks of Life-Changing Business Support. Launch FNQ’s Incubate program is all about driving your business from idea to sales.

Launch FNQ


Launch FNQ’s Accelerate program is the big event of the year, running for 12 empowering weeks and ending with the Tropical Innovation Festival.

About Launch FNQ

Launch FNQ is an entrepreneur-centred and entrepreneur-driven program for tech-startups and scaleups delivered by YEP Cairns.

Our vision is to see Far North Queensland grow into a thriving entrepreneurship community. Our mission is to contribute through providing and supporting entrepreneur-centred and entrepreneur-driven activities, programs and companies in Far North Queensland through direct support, indirect support and collaboration.

We believe that geography and regionality doesn’t need to be a barrier to building a successful company if founders embrace imagination, persistence, resilience and excellence. We aim to help entrepreneurs, by providing programs, opportunities and networks (mentoring and professional services) and advocating for entrepreneurship and innovation in our region.  

Launch FNQ is supported by the Australian Government, AusIndustry Incubator Support Initiative (ISI), Advance Queensland and co-contribution from collaborators in various projects that make up the program (please see our sponsors tab, and support them).

Under the ISI, YEP Cairns will offer three programs under the Launch FNQ Brand Launch FNQ Activate,  Launch FNQ Incubate and Launch FNQ Accelerate programs to tech-startups and founders in Far North Queensland along with activation and tech-specific projects to complement their current offerings.  

About YEP Cairns

If you're an entrepreneur or business owner in Tropical Far North Queensland, you'll have heard of YEP.

Running the region's most popular workshops, startup events, Deep Dive sessions, and training programs since 2016, YEP Cairns is where entrepreneurship thrives.

From just seeds of business inspiration, to growth and scaling, YEP's Launch FNQ program can help entrepreneurs create businesses that make a difference on a global scale.

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