Innovation Bootcamps, including Big Fish

Launch FNQ Innovation Bootcamps offer the opportunity for your organization, council or group to learn an innovation process and work in teams from idea to pitch.

What is an Innovators Bootcamp

Launch FNQ runs a range of innovation bootcamps. The most popular is our Big Fish Young Innovators Bootcamp, that's targeted towards youth 13y – 18y.

We also have a number of other all-age events, such as our Launch FNQ Innovators Bootcamp. The Innovation Bootcamps bring up to 60 people together in a 2-day intensive and fun learning process, through practical doing.

Participants will be guided through the entrepreneurship process from idea, through to pitching. Along they way they'll learn to craft and deliver a business plan, prototype, website, and marketing material, while going through initial validation of their idea. Teams compete with a final pitch and presentation of their prototype/MVP to a panel of diverse judges.

Day One

Bright ideas will be brainstormed, and you’ll form teams with likeminded entrepreneurs.

There will be lots of talking, collaboration and dreaming of how you can make the world a better place by solving a problem with your business idea.

Teams brainstorming their big ideas at Big Fish 2020

Big Fish 2020 participants learning new skills from our mentors.

Day Two

Now it’s time to discover how to turn ideas into real business ventures. And then to present your idea to everyone.

Over two days of fun and experimental workshops, inspiring mentors and good food, the Innovation Bootcamp all culminates in a final Pitch event with special guest judges.

All participants will walk away with new skills, industry and peer connections, future career insights and inspiration. No prior knowledge of start-ups or entrepreneurship needed, just a great attitude.

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